Useful links

This site gives a lot of detailed information about baby squirrel care. It contains, among other things, a very useful table that helps to determine the age of the baby. Please note that the practices recommended on this website do not necessarily coincide with Urban Squirrel recommendations for rescue and care.

Here is some more information on grey squirrel care, from a very experienced UK rescuer. Once again, the practices described are not necessarily the same as ours, but one cannot have too much information.

Moving on to advocacy, the pride of place belongs to Animal Aid.

Professor Acorn is here to educate you as well, on this very imaginative and informative website.

No list would be complete without a link to the official government position on grey squirrels. Some of the statements instantiate the very misconceptions we try to correct elsewhere on the Urban Squirrels website, but this link would, no doubt, be useful to anyone impartially researching the issues surrounding grey squirrels. This is the Forestry Commission’s hub of information, note especially the downloadable Action Plan.

Humane pest control might sound like a contradiction in terms, but it is a reality, and here are the people doing it. They are based in Edinburgh, but do occasionally come “down South” as well, and may be able to give advice. Check out their YouTube videos as well.