Squirrel-friendly rescue near London


The new Invasive Alien Species Order 2019 has made it illegal to release rescued grey squirrels back into the wild. We can still apply for a licence to keep them, and Urban Squirrels have done that. However, once "residential" places have filled up, which will happen very quickly, we will, unfortunately, not be able to take in any more squirrels. Click here to read more about the new legislation and the campaign against it. 

Because of losing the licence to release grey squirrels, several rescue centres that were previously helping them have decided not to apply for the licence to keep them either.

Listed below are the organisations that are within reach from London and are, to the best of our knowledge, still helping grey squirrels. Please note, however, that, like us, they will also get full at some point and will not be able to take in any more squirrels after that.

Wildlife Lodge – 07983 708 497 – Beckenham – half an hour from London (train from Victoria) – (SE)

Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Servic - Enfield - 0208 344 2785 - 07970 141282

Tiggywinkles - 01844 292292 - Aylesbury (NW)

If you are not in or near London, click here for the Help Wildlife UK directory.

Last but not least, do feel free to call us for advice at any time. If we cannot help practically, we can at least talk you through the options that are available.