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Meet Our Residents

All our squirrels are very special and very much loved. Here is a selection of photos and stories of our amazing residents!


Cledward's arm was caught in a pest controller's trap. He thrashed and screamed for many hours. Finally the home-owner (who was told by the pest controller that the squirrels die quickly and painlessly) realized what was going on and bought the poor baby to us, complete with the trap. The vet had to amputate the arm, and Cledward is now a very large, strong and happy male, living in an outside aviary. Needless to say, the home owner leaned the lesson: the only way to control wildlife humanely is to do up any access points in the house, so that the animals cannot go inside in the first place. If you ever need a truly  humane pest controller, contact Humane Wildlife Solutions (the button below will take you straight there).

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