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Urban Squirrels is a London-based licensed wildlife rescue unit that specializes in grey squirrels: care, advice and advocacy. We aim to take in injured or orphaned squirrels, mostly babies, and hand-rear and/or treat them as necessary. Our bushy-tailed clients are brought to us directly by members of the public, or referred by vets and other rescue organisations.

Urban Squirrels was started by Natalia Doran and her son Jonny, who is a young adult with autism. Jonny wanted to work with animals, and, with support, got his Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care. However, his disability, which is severe (autism is a spectrum, and Jonny is at the severe end of it) makes it impossible for him to work outside the home, even in a voluntary capacity. So we looked at our circumstances, in terms of the care we are able to provide, and the public need, and put two and two together to focus on grey squirrel rescue.

In 2024 Urban Squirrels licensed another site, run by Nadia Raud.

For Londoners, as for other urban residents, grey squirrels are the only diurnal wild mammal whom they see on a regular basis. Furthermore, because grey squirrels are highly intelligent, they quickly figure out whether a particular human is a danger to them or not, and form friendships that are mutually beneficial: the squirrel gets extra food, the human gets animal companionship that otherwise might be denied to them because of their life circumstances. Befriending a grey squirrel can be like having a pet, but without the responsibility! When something happens to these squirrels, or their young, their human companions expect to find a rescue pathway, and this is what Urban Squirrels rescue unit is proud to supply.

The work of Urban Squirrels is very rewarding, but challenging as well. Baby squirrel have to be fed formula every 4 hours round the clock, and are not fully weaned till they are a couple of months old. Injured squirrels require veterinary attention – fortunately, we are located close to a surgery run by a vet who is a wildlife specialist. Last but not least, just keeping a high number of animals in one location means a phenomenal amount of cleaning.

A few words have to be said about our recent crisis. Recent legislation (Invasive Alien Species Order 2019) makes it illegal for animal rescue centres to return back to the wild grey squirrels whom they help. In reality, it is not an exaggeration to say that British grey squirrel rescue is almost destroyed. Urban Squirrels is working tirelessly to both create new rescue placements and to challenge this draconian legislation.

This is how we grow! :)

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